“For He delivered us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son.” Col 1:13

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Extreme Makeover, Extreme MKs

Sanyati Baptist Hospital, a 60 year icon of Southern Baptist ministry in Zimbabwe, is in need of an "Extreme Makeover" as a result of this country's economic collapse.  This hospital meets the needs of over 1,800 inpatients and over 35,000 outpatients each year.  Nine missionary kids, four dads, and one mom from South Africa and Botswana descended onto this property.  The purpose of this trip was to help with the renovation project and do ministry in local churches which have sprung up over the years as a result of this ministry.
Thanks to the mom, Shawna Davis, the kids had plenty of food to eat to give them the energy needed for the hard work they would experience.  The team was divided into 4 teams to help with food preparation and clean up.  Shawna always had plenty of help to get the food prepared and the dishes washed.  The kids did a great job and had an even better attitude.  Looks like Josiah Janz and Meredith Davis are enjoying their meal.  The photo jacker behind Josiah is Micah Davis.
Josiah's brother Caleb had kitchen duty.  It was hot at Sanyati so we drank a lot.

Each morning, after breakfast, we gathered for Bible Study and prayer.  Dennis Janz, the team leader, encouraged the youth to understand that young people keep their way pure by living according to God's Word.  Pray that the youth of the K2 Cluster will commit to living according to God's Word and will be committed to a life of purity.
The kids had a list of jobs to complete.  One of them was less than glamorous.  They were asked to assemble roofing screws.  These screws came in bags of 1,000 and each screw was made up of three separate parts that needed to be assembled.  There were 15 bags of these screws.  Some kids spent hours working on this job.  Some would take advantage of a spare moment and grab a bag in hopes of finishing all 15 bags.  By the last day all 15 bags were completed...just in time for another 20 bags to show up.  They worked on those as well.  By them doing this the next team, a roofing team, will have screws ready which will enable them to roof more of the hospital. 

Painting a hallway of the hospital was also on the list.  This job created a lot more excitement than the less glamorous screws.  After cleaning, scraping, and preparing the wall, eager middle school students, lead by Dad, Tim Shaw, also known as "Mr. Man" tackled the job of painting.  After Daniel Shaw and Josiah Janz labeled every can of paint so that future teams will know where it is to be used the kids gathered supplies to paint the hall.  With patients, nurses, and visitors walking up and down the hallway these youth worked diligently to paint.  Pray that these youth would learn the value of hard work and grow to do all for the glory of the Lord.

The big boys were always ready to do the heavyweight jobs.  Micah Davis and Andy Janz dug a ditch at the nearby Sanyati High School in order to bury the cable supplying electricity to the water pump.  With shovel and pick axe these two made quick work of it.
A day later a truck showed up with 15 tons of roofing supplies.  Micah and Andy offloaded the steel and handed it to Dennis Janz and Brandon Warner and some national helpers who organized it in the storage container.  Pray for Micah as he plans on starting University in August of 2012.  Pray for Andy as he and his family return to the US in late April where Andy will finish his senior year before starting college in the fall of 2013.
This container is where all the supplies for the project are being stored.  Anna Shaw and Meredith Davis compiled an inventory of all the supplies and tools stored in the container.  The container is not level and therefore the doors do not shut properly.  Dads, Brandon Warner, Dennis Janz, and Daren Davis spent hours jacking up the container in hopes of leveling it.  After 3 days it still was not completely level.  Pray that when teams come they will be careful when closing the container. If the handles break the supplies will not be secure.
The youth also had opportunity to teach the Word of God at local churches.  Micah Davis taught on the importance of forgiving yourself and one another just as God forgives us.
Meredith Davis taught on the Prodigal Son.
Dennis Janz did an excellent job of summarizing the previous lessons and challenging the believers to live lives committed to God's Word.
After a long day of working the youth enjoyed playing games, and just hanging out together.
One of the teenagers grew a year older while on our trip.  Daniel Shaw turned 14.  Pray for Daniel as he returns to Rift Valley Academy where he is in school.  Pray that Daniel will continue to grow to become the man God wants him to be.
The K2 Youth Mission trip team - Daren Davis, Brandon Warner, Dennis Janz, Daniel Shaw, Shawna Davis, Tim Shaw, Josiah Janz, Rhett Warner, Meredith Davis, Caleb Janz, Andy Janz, Micah Davis, Peyton Davis, and Anna Shaw
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