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Friday, May 28, 2010

Highflying Cowboys

The Maluti Sotho people live in the country of Lesotho. It is known as the "Mountain Kingdom" and the mountain range is referred to as the Maluti Mountains. Over 300,000 people live in small villages located on remote hills and isolated valleys on the slopes of these mountains. There are several K2 missionaries specifically ministering to the Sotho living here.
The people live in huts similar to this one. Lesotho is often cold and the winter will bring snow to much of the country. These huts, with their manured walls and floors, are built to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Journeyman missionaries, Korby Griffith, and Justin Morgan are about to find out if this is true.
Justin and Korby will live in the remote village of Matsiele. Here they will develop relationships, share the gospel and be an incarnate missionary presence as they live among this people group. To get in and out of this village they can either walk over 4 hours to the nearest road or be flown on a Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) plane.
Home sweet home for Korby and Justin for the next two years. They will move into this hut next month just as winter is getting started.
Justin Morgan and Daren Davis.
A birds eye view of Lesotho.
K2 Cluster missionaries Larry and Sally Pepper live in the town of Maseru in the lowlands. Dr. Larry Pepper visits this village regularly to share the gospel and meet the physical needs of the people. The people from this area walk for hours to come to the clinic. Pray for Dr. Pepper as he ministers to the physical needs of the people of Lesotho which has the second highest rate of HIV/AIDS of any country with 23.2% of the population suffering from HIV. Pray for the Peppers and the Journeymen as they share the gospel with the Sotho people.
A regular sight for the flying doctor.
Medical supplies are flown in by MAF flights to clinics throughout the mountains.
The Pepper's and the Journeymen are not the only ones seeking to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the Sotho people. K2 missionaries, Jim and Teresa Flora and their three girls also live in the mountains. Teresa uses her nursing background to hold clinics in remote villages.
The Flora Family
Roads are difficult to find in these mountains so travel is either by walking or horseback.
Hands On missionary, Jonathan Bundrick (JB) hiking to a village after being dropped off by airplane.
Jim Flora and Daren Davis on horseback at about 9,000 feet above sea level praying for the Sotho villages. Join them in praying that God will prepare the Maluti Sotho to hear and respond to the gospel.
Join the Floras by praying for 100 Basotho men to be equipped to take the gospel to the people living in the Maluti Mountains like this man. He spends most of his time alone tending to his animals as they graze on the mountain side. Pray that men like this one will become a follower of Jesus.

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  1. It's great seeing my family on your site; another point of contact for us! Blessings to you and the 100 men God will rise up!